The right exercise improves the development of muscles, bones and joints in children, enhances their lung capacity and strengthens their hearts. Children who exercise regularly sleep more and their sleep becomes more productive. It is critically important to develop the habit of exercising early on in order to lead a healthy and orderly life.

Imagine a person with normal blood pressure, sugar and other blood values who simply cannot sit down to and get back up from a chair without pain. Would you call that person healthy? Learning to move correctly at a young age and growing a liking to exercise will keep you healthy and youthful throughout your lifetime.

Our dream is to raise a generation that will be healthy and fit and enjoy its freedom to the fullest. Whether your child aspires to become a professional basketball player, an Olympic level athlete or simply wishes to exercise to stay healthy, FitKids classes will provide the right foundations to your child regardless of the final objectives.

FitKids consists of a fun combination of gymnastics, bodyweight calisthenics movements and cardiovascular workouts. All movements involved are functional, that is, they are movements that we use in our daily lives. These movements enhance the bone structure, cardiovascular, vestibular and neuromuscular systems and allow your child to make a habit of using the correct movement patterns.