CrossFit Balaban Athletic Department
CrossFit Balaban Athletic Department


CrossFit Balaban Elite Athlete This department offers a wide variety of athletic performance training required by athletes above a certain caliber referred to as ‘‘Elite Athletes’’. The service focuses on correct guidance for the athlete covering all aspects ranging from nutrition to training and from a whole suite of measurements to the athlete’s psychology.

Athletes who compete in individual or team sports very actively during the season enter into a rest and recreation period referred to as the ‘‘off season’’. The truth of the matter is that there is no real ‘‘off season’’ for a good athlete. There is only a well structured annual program. Having completely ‘‘off’’ periods following match or competition season might result in deterioration of a number of physical stats. This is the reason why professional athletes around the world engage in passive period workouts once the active season is over. The main objective is to improve weaknesses, maintain nerve connections and reflexes and keep their athletic performance at an optimal level. Sufficient vacation periods are also predetermined given the importance of the athlete’s/competitor’s psychological readiness.


CrossFit Balaban Elite Athlete


At this stage, physical attributes such as height to weight ratios and body measurements are recorded.


The skeletal system, joint angles and muscular structures are controlled at this stage. It is important that joints along the neck, spine, shoulders, lower back, hips and knees function as parts of a chain at their natural ranges of motion. Otherwise, short or long term injury risk may arise and the desired power or movement cannot be obtained. A list of ‘‘corrective exercises’’ is generated following the examination of postural angles.


Various methods are used to control the athlete’s local and total flexibility with regard to his/her discipline or position.


Joint structures and the dominance or weakness of certain muscle groups, among other considerations, are taken into account in order to check for the athlete’s joint mobility.


The athlete’s capacity to utilize oxygen is measured and logged through modalities such as running, rowing and biking. VO2 MAX values are valuable for assessing the athlete’s aerobic conditioning, building and modifying training programs and determining training intensity. This test is repeated a number of times throughout the program in order to observe the athlete’s improvement.


Anaerobic capacity is the capacity of muscles to adapt to very short, maximal or supramaximal physical activity. Activities such as sprints in basketball or football are key to assessing anaerobic performance. The test requires drawing blood samples from athletes who have been put through certain amounts of work at different intensities.


This section is dedicated to the measurement and logging of attributes such as explosiveness, 1RM lifting numbers, jumping ability and speed. Pre-camp and post-camp numbers are compared to track the athlete’s development.


CrossFit Training Methods

During the camp, the athlete is put through workouts 3 days a week (picked with the athlete) for 6 to 8 weeks. The scope and intensity of the workouts are determined in line with the athlete’s objectives.


These sport-specific or obstacle drills of a certain difficulty and coordination level are intended to improve the athlete’s speed, agility and quickness.


These exercises aim to correct the individual’s postural defects as highlighted by posture, mobility and flexibility tests. The main objective is to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.


Strength and conditioning workouts that are composed of sport or position-specific drills are used in conjunction with simulation methods in order to improve the athlete in this specific direction.


This training method activates neuromuscular coordination and improves awareness. It enables athletes to make decisions quickly and implement these correctly, thus reducing the rate of error during the game or competition.


It is a combination of force, speed and power. The shorter the amount it takes you to apply a certain amount of force, the more power you generate. Plyometric workouts help you to apply the greatest possible force in the shortest amount of time possible.


Athletes are put through work intervals at intensity levels determined by taking into account the total time they are active during a competition. The main objective is to extend the athlete’ conditioning until the last minute of the competition.


Athlete-specific movements and weights are used to give the required level of strength to the athlete’s muscles. Pre-determined points requiring power generation throughout the game are targeted. Additional strength work includes functional movements and fundamental lifts.


The objective is to improve the athlete’s endurance by means of changing the frequency and intensity of tasks that the athlete already fulfills. Improved endurance enables the athlete to last longer and be more comfortable in repetitive movements without sacrificing movement mechanics.

CrossFit Balaban Athletic Department