Established in Ataşehir in October 2013, CrossFit Balaban opened its second branch in 4. Levent in October 2014 and its third branch in Suadiye in October 2015.

As the only CrossFit Affiliate and Fight Club to have successfully opened branches on both sides of Istanbul, our club currently has more than 1000 active members.

At CrossFit Balaban we aim to increase the awareness of our members about exercise, accelerate their progress and allow them to consider exercising as a lifestyle rather than a mere activity by exposing them to constantly varied workouts.

In line with this objective, we do not consider our club as a mere sports school but also as a social club and we try to support that idea by organizing various indoors and outdoors activities throughout the year.

We offer Kickboxing, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes at Mata Leon Training Centre, also a part of CrossFit Balaban, to supplement CrossFit. Separate subscriptions to these classes are available and members can participate in international Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments on amateur or professional levels.

CrossFit Balaban considers each member as a separate project and aims to guide them to the highest point of their potential. Our brand has heightened the visibility of this sport in our country and lead the way in investments in this field thanks to its principles and unique culture.

If you are interested in boosting your athletic performance and improving your quality of life, visit us at our locations on Istanbul’s Asian and European sides. We will make sure that all your CrossFit-related questions are answered.

CrossFit Balaban