At Balaban Solid Sports, we aim to increase the awareness of our members about exercise, accelerate their progress and allow them to consider exercising as a lifestyle rather than a mere activity by educating them about different sports. If you are interested in boosting your athletic performance and improving your quality of life, visit us at our locations on Istanbul’s Asian and European sides.

Our body structures differ based on our genetics, health condition and training history. The same goes for our goals. We may aim to burn fat, improve performance or gain muscle mass.  

Personal Training accounts for all this variation and builds on the individual athlete’s general health condition and body structure enabling him/her to reach his/her goals through the quickest and safest way. 

CrossFit Balaban prioritizes your health above all else. We employ a detailed body analysis as well as a number of other tests before you start attending classes in order to optimize your health and favorable adaptations of exercise. Our expert coaches will craft your tailor-made program by taking all this data into account.

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Feel free to contact us for CrossFit Seminars as well as private Corporate seminars and training sessions.

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